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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Everything began with the passion of two professionals of tourism in Vietnam, Chu Thang and Le Linh Chi. After experiencing the promising tourism industry of South East Asia as tour leaders, they dreamt together of a receptive agency understanding travelers but also local communities.

Amasia Travel is so born in 2004, proposing from the first day high quality responsive travels, tailor-made. First in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, activities of Amasia Travel then extended to Myanmar and Thailand, to make you discover the most beautiful facets of the former Indochina and Siam.

Accumulating more than ten years of experience, Amasia Travel proposes today group and individual personnalized tours, thematic tours, MICE and adapted tours to South East Asia expatriates special needs. Recognized for it privileged customer relation and smoothly follow-up, Amasia Travel developed the idea of “Art of Exploration”.

As artists, the team of travel experts draw each itinerary depending on the personality of customers to propose a unique and unforgettable travel.

Why Travel with Amasia

Here are the reasons you should choose travel with amasia travel

Tailor - Made

Because your itnerary is your own experience of travel, it shouldn't be the same as everyone. To enjoy your journey in Indochina, we believe that it should be totally personalized, adapted to your needs and preference.


Being an actor of tourism industry means to choose to be passive or active in your environment. Amasia Travel is one of the active companies acting for the preservation and implication of local community identities and environment which make all the charms of traveling. Because it's firstly thanks to them that our activites are so passionating.


Amasia Team is always searching for new activities and ways to discover Indochina. Mass tourism is not a sustainable way of traveling. That's why we try our best to design you off beaten roads itineraries, as closely as possible to the reality of the destination and its inhabitants to make you feel as a member of the community for a few days as a member of the community.


Amasia Travel gives a first priority to the expertise of our team. Taking advantage of the cross-culture atmosphere of the office and travel experiences of everyone, our team understood the need of innovation and the importance of the creativity in tour designing.

Customer Support

Travel became a primary need to everyone to handle the stress of the rest of the year. That's why our second priority is our customer support. Always attentive to our travelers, we provide all the efforts to create personalized and unforgettable experience during the booking moment then also during the trip and after.

Quality Follow-Up

Our biggest priority is the quality of our services. Everyday, all our team is working hard to provide you the quality that you deserve. we test and inspect regularly all services that we propose to guarantee you the best.

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