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Laos Culture


As all his neighbors, Laos is a multicultural country. The different periods of Laos’s history enable a complex ethnical mix. So complex that we don’t identify yet all minority groups and clans on the territory. Today, we estimate that between 65 and 129 ethnic groups are living in Laos. Each of these minority groups has its own traditions and faiths as well as his own dialect more or less close to Lao language. Influenced by their diverse origins, Laotian kept most of animistic customs which gives rhythm to their life.

This mix of culture has a true influence on Laos’s art, especially on sculpture, traditional music and dance. Khmers, Viet and Thai characteristics can mainly be found here. But the most impressive is Thai influence on architecture of religious monuments which are mostly in Luang Prabang and Vientiane (Vats, sharp and often gilded temples).


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