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Cambodia Ethnies


After Pol Pot regime, Cambodia counted its dead citizens. Since then, the population increases quickly and does it best to find back its cultures. The majority ethnie is the ethnie Khmer, 90% of the population. Most of them are Buddhists and live in Mekong plains and Tonle Sap area. The 10 last pourcent combines different minority groups as Cham, mostly muslim from Tonle Sap and Mondolkiri region, Viet origin living in Phnom Penh, Chinese origin minorities (Hmong, Miao, Lao) and Lao origin minorities on Mekong banks near Laos frontier.

‚ÄčAssociations in Cambodia organize a “cultural renewal” to help the population to learn handicrafts, traditions and identities lost during the genocide but the goal is still far …

Amasia Travel is committing to a sustainable development to work closely to local minorities and help them to be actor of tourism industry.


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